Variety of Benefits from Medical Assistant Careers

With the unemployment rate in the United States currently ranging around 9%, many people worry about the stability of their current job. For those interested in a rewarding career in the medical field, there is good news. The job growth for a medical assistant career is expected to increase by approximately 35% by the year 2016. This expected growth is well above the average growth for jobs across the nation. It also is a field that can provide a sense of stability for those who are either pursuing medical assistant careers or are already working in the field.

With a career as a medical assistant, it is important to possess a kind and welcoming personality. Essentially, you will be the face of the office since medical assistants are typically the person charged with greeting patients. The majority of the duties of this job entail completing administrative and clerical duties around the office. The individual pursing this job must be highly organized and have the ability to multitask.

While it is possible to become a medical assistant through on-the-job training, you are more likely to get a job with some sort of certification under your belt. Medical assistant careers certification can be completed at many technical schools, community colleges, and even through online classes. The applicant who has at least some formal education will likely have an advantage over candidates with no training or education.

A typical day in the life of a medical assistant will start when patients walk through the office doors. Upon signing in at the desk, it is the medical assistant’s job to make them feel welcomed. It is also important to gather current health insurance from the patient at this time as well as help them complete any medical forms needed by the office. This should all be done in a timely manner to help keep the doctor on schedule and also to minimize the waiting time for the patient.

Medical assistant careers are ranked among the top 10 for highest demand in the medical field. This is reassuring to many job seekers. Not only is this career a stable one, it also comes with an excellent salary. The median annual salary in the United States for a qualified medical assistant is around $47,000.

Another great benefit for those pursuing medical assistant careers is that they are often presented with the opportunity to climb the career ladder. Upon acquiring additional experience and training in the field, it is quite easy to advance to related medical jobs.

Searching for a job can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, the days of going door-to-door looking for a job are over. With the internet, it has become relatively easy to search for a job in your local area. Most job search websites require the applicant to post a resume. It is important to have a well developed resume outlining your greatest achievements and accomplishments so that you stand out above the other candidates. Now, with just a click of a button, you can apply for medical assistant careers in your area and get responses from local employers.

With all of the benefits, it is hard to not give a medical assistant career a chance. After all, in an economy like the one we face there are few jobs with relative job growth and stability. Now, more than ever, is the time to start the career you have always dreamed of! Get the job you want in the field of healthcare from a company near you. Submit your resume and apply in minutes.