Rewarding and Lucrative Nursing Jobs

While the medical field has always been a great career to dive into, now more than ever Americans should be embracing it for the stability it provides. One of the more lucrative medical careers available is that of a registered nurse. With a tremendous 22% growth expected in the field of nursing by 2016, it is definitely a job worth looking into. Across the different occupations in the United States, nursing holds its ground as one of the most successful careers throughout this economic downturn.

The career of a nurse must start out with a solid education. The need to excel in classes is vital to success since acceptance into the nursing program is limited. It should be noted that there are various routes that can lead to a nursing jobs. The starting point for all the routes begins with the RN which can be obtained by completing a two-year college program. After the RN degree is achieved, you can work toward the BSN which is at the baccalaureate level. It should be added that nurses at both of these education levels tend to earn about the same salary. The average salary for a nurse in the United States is $73,000. While the RN and BSN levels earn similar salaries, nurses holding a bachelor’s degree often advance to supervisory positions.

For nurses seeking to further their education and their careers, there are various other routes you can take at the graduate level. After achieving the BSN level of education, some nurses attain a master’s degree. An increasing number of nurses are opting to continue their education all the way to the doctorate degree. There are also many different specialties a nurse can pursue. It all depends on preference and education. It should be noted that the more specialized the nurse, the more marketable he or she will be for any job.

Not only are nursing jobs lucrative as well as stable, but it is also an extremely rewarding job for many people looking to reach out to those in need. Nurses watch over the sick and provide care to patients in the weakest moments in life. To see a patient recover and be restored to health is an added bonus to the job description.

Nurses possess an extensive set of skills and they continue to hone those skills throughout their careers. As a nurse, every day is unique. Typical duties range from making hospital rounds and handing out medications to taking blood.

Another great advantage of being a nurse is the work schedule that comes with the job. On average, nurses work a 36 hour work week. This normally consists of three 12 hour shifts. This is convenient for families as well as those interested in travel.

With the internet at the tips of your fingers, now it is easier than ever to look for a job as a nurse in your local area. All you need is an impressive resume to post and then employers will start contacting you. Employers can peruse your resume and contact you if you meet their requirements.

Not only does nursing jobs pay well, it offers stability even in a tough economy. For some, the ultimate reward is seeing another heal from their sickness and that in itself is payment enough. If you are looking for a rewarding career in a tough economy, then it is time to look into nursing jobs. You can get a job in the field of healthcare from a company near you. Submit your resume and apply for nursing jobs in minutes.