Ample Opportunities for Pharmacist Jobs

The pharmacist is a medical practitioner whose primary duty is to dispense prescribed medication to patients as prescribed by a physician. Additionally, he or she answers questions regarding the medication’s dosage and effects. More and more often, these professionals are also called upon to answer questions regarding general health issues. They must do all of this while complying with strict federal regulations regarding the privacy of the patient.

For years, pharmacist jobs consisted of working in the local stand-alone corner drug store. In recent years, that corner drugstore has nearly vanished from the scene. Instead, pharmacists are often working in chain drugstores, grocery stores, and large department stores. To meet consumer demands, today’s pharmacist may work extended hours, evenings, or on weekends. The good news is that these companies often hire two or three pharmacy technicians to assist the busy pharmacist.

Some pharmacist jobs can be found in pharmaceutical companies conducting research and helping to develop new drugs. Hospitals tend to hire their own pharmacists. Many managed-care facilities often employ staff pharmacists to meet the needs of their patients. Most pharmacy jobs are held by salaried employees, but a limited number of pharmacists are self-employed.

All pharmacists in the United States must be licensed. To obtain that licensure, pharmacists must possess a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from a college accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). It generally takes 4 years or more of post-graduate work to become a pharmacist. The pharmacy student is required to take extensive classes in chemistry, calculus, biology, and other health-related sciences. The curriculum is intense. Students must pursue this degree with diligence and dedication.

Due in part to the aging population, the need for qualified pharmacists is expected to experience faster growth than most other careers. Another factor for the increased demand for pharmacists is that new drugs are being developed to treat a wide range of diseases. The nation seems to be focused on maintaining good health, and medication is often required to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The booming popularity of mail-in drug companies has also contributed to the increased need for additional pharmacists. From all indications, this industry will experience significant growth for the foreseeable future.

In many areas of the country, the demand for employees needed to fill pharmacist jobs far exceeds the supply of qualified applicants. With proper training and education, the pharmacist is almost certain to find ample job opportunities.

The pharmacist is one of the highest paid members of the healthcare team. He or she can often expect to earn a salary compatible with medical doctors. In some instances, the salary of the pharmacist actually exceeds the salary of the physician.

The services of qualified pharmacists are required to meet the growing demands. You don’t need to pound the pavement in search of pharmacist jobs in your area. We have a number of pharmacist jobs available for you. Simply submit your resume and apply in a matter of minutes. You have done your part by completing your education and gaining your certification. Now let us help you find your ideal pharmacist job.