High Demand for Physician Assistant Jobs

The role of the physician assistant (PA) is critical in today’s expanding and complex health care system. Working under the supervision of a doctor, the physician assistant provides a broad range of direct patient services. For over 40 years, doctors have recognized the increasingly important role of the physician assistant.

People who have physician assistant jobs have the opportunity to provide direct patient care including the tasks of performing physical examinations and diagnosing illnesses. He or she may also order and interpret laboratory tests and x-rays. Treatment plans are often initiated and carried out by physician assistants. Physician assistant jobs play a major role in preventive health care counseling.

Busy doctors are looking to hire qualified physician assistants who can perform services ranging from taking medical histories to performing minor surgical procedures. In some rural areas of the country, the physician assistant may be the principal care provider, conferring with supervising physicians as needed. In other offices, physician assistants work in the same office or clinic as the supervising doctor. Physician assistants may make hospital visits or house calls.

Physician assistant jobs are available nationwide to meet the growing demand for individualized health care providers. We are committed to assisting the physician assistant secure employment at a large number of medical offices across the country.

Our goal is to connect qualified applicants with doctors and other health care providers in your area. In virtually every part of the country, busy doctors are actively seeking qualified employees to fill a number of physician assistant jobs. Although physician assistants across the country, and in the District of Columbia, must pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination, other qualifications may vary from state to state. Once we receive your resume, we can match your qualifications and aspirations with doctors and clinics nationwide.

Simply submit your resume online and we will review your qualifications, education, and experience to quickly assist you with your quest for that ideal job. Never before have so many physician assistant jobs been available to qualified applicants. Busy doctors realize that physician assistants are critical members of the health care team.

You have worked hard to achieve your education and experience. You do not have the time to knock on the doors of doctors’ offices. It just doesn’t make sense for a physician assistant to waste time contacting doctors who are not currently in the market to hire physician assistants. We understand that you are busy and that the time of a PA is valuable. That is why we work diligently to provide the best opportunities for your success.

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